Revamp Your New Year Resolutions

If every January feels the same , same resolutions, same problems, same frustrations. Instead of making sacrifices, imposing hard restrictions. Try turning your perspective around. Don’t think of change as punishment or deprivation. View it as an opportunity to become healthy, have more energy and mental well being. I want people to know that it is important to have fun, to take time to do something you enjoy even if for just a few minutes. Just to give yourself a break from the daily stress life brings. Finish all tasks on time even if they fall shy of perfection because the more you finish the better you become and the more you accomplish. 
I tell my clients to make gradual changes to their nutrition and exercise. Start with taking foods with preservatives and artificial ingredients out and begin adding whole food items. I begin their exercise programs by tailoring to their needs and physical abilities. Finally I ask them to; be positive, be patient, try to sleep more and to keep track of their nutrition until they get a handle on proper nutrition .  
For more on how not to sabotage your New Years Resolutions check out this article on 13 Weight Loss Resolutions You Should Not Make.
Disclaimer : always check with your physician before you begin any new nutrition or exercise program. 

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