The Wicked Chick

Stefanie Edgar is the owner and founder of Wicked Chick Training. A former amateur bodybuilder and olympic weight lifting competitor, Stefanie has over 10 years of professional training experience working at numerous fitness gyms in the midwest and eastern United States. Over the years Stefanie has focused on corrective exercise training, pre-natal/post-partem fitness programs for women, and general strength and athletic conditioning. Stefanie possess the following certifications:

AFPA Nutrition (2015), PTA Global CPT (2014), Pre-natal / Post-partem (2011), NASM CPT (2011)

Stefanie lives in Oakton, VA with her husband, four children and 2 cats. Stefanie enjoys competing in endurance races such as the Tough Mudder, Warrior Dash, Spartan Race, snowboarding with her family, sewing projects, dressing up for Halloween and listening to hard rock (really hard).